Thinking about love

Around my birthdayI thought  about love. I wrote a book of love poems.  Thinking and feeling love are two different animals. For god sakes I was married. That was fifteen years ago. Not sure if I know what love is  but I want to learn.

This is what I do know:

I was born in relationship by being an identical twin. It  sets the high bar for other relationships.

Pain and pleasure are intertwined.

I want to be a warrior for love and not a fool.

People I love die. Evie you will die too.

Things change but Love doesn’t die.

Love doesn’t take work. its the uncovering of allusions(the shadows) seeing what is real.

I can push people away when they get to close.

I think I can handle love…you don’t handle love you feel love.

Love scares the shit out of me. That is the truth.







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