Daddy’s Girl


As a little girl I liked holding my Daddy’s hand  and riding on his shoulders. I felt taller and loved. He was a big bad tickle monster and told the most spooky the Monkey Claw….rhghghg. He chased a real bad guy down an  alley  with ax who  tried to hurt Laura and I. My Hero!.

When I had the good fortune to be  in The Winter’s Tale  at Court Theater “, Dad drove me to rehearsals. It was a little bit of our time together. I was a bit of a show off..still am.. and I liked to show off for my Dad.

Later, I have fond memories in Akron of being woken every morning by Dad…It’s time to get up rise and shine.” I was a teenager. I didn’t really want to wake up. Looking back I do appreciate that early morning wake up and the car rides to school.

My relationship with Dad hasn’t all been sunshine. He and I got into some hell of  yelling matches when I was in high school. I blamed him for our parents  divorce. It always takes two to tango.


Love you Dad.




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