The Sun and Patrick the Shaman

photo-57Morning of Summer Solstice, I was in my favorite spot at the end of Jarvis pier…breathing with my eyes closed….I heard a rustle behind me and footsteps running down the pier…this was 6am. I turned my head to see a man with purple and blue hair, leather vest and jeans running towards me..shouting “I love you!” Ok he was drunk he admitted later.He was practically singing I love you. I felt my guard go up. I asked him to join me at the end of the pier…to meditate with me. His name was Patrick. Patrick said he was a Shaman and saw the world differently. He joined me cross-legged and for a few moments he was quietly breathing. He said “I love this. This brings me peace.” He began to tell me his story of why he was drunk. He confided that his lover had killed himself and he was hurting. He asked me, “How do you heal from something like that?” I said that coming down here for the sunrise has been healing for my broken heart. Everyday there is a new one…a new day ..a bright ball of a warm hug.

By then three friends had joined me at the end of the pier. My friends listened to Patrick. He was stumbling and needed help getting up .He got twisted up in his headphone cord. He told all of us that he loved us. We told Patrick we loved him. And as quickly as he came he disappeared.  I learned from Patrick  that love can come in any moment. It is unexpected and sometimes smells like liquor from the pain of life. Love you Patrick the Shaman.


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