Facing What We Fear


A play about the courage to be vulnerable and facing our fears


Characters: Paul, the hero is a wrinkled and worn out white haired man of eighty whose sword has turned into a cane. He serves the Maiden.  Maiden is better known as Sara, a princess of auburn hair and twenty summers. She has a lot to learn. Her Dragon, Morgan, is a fiery beast as old as the earth with breath of fire and a soft but jealous spot in his heart for Sara. Yellow Dragon is another dragon who wants to play.


Setting: A summer meadow in a place and time when dragons flourished.

From a hill top the Hero Paul speaks.


Paul: “I come whenever my maiden Sara calls me.  She calls on my swift bloodied sword when her Dragon begins to shake her.  Most days, my Maiden rests lovingly on the nose of this mighty beast. During these quiet times, Morgan takes great efforts not to singe her dress or slice her tender cheek with his razor tail. I have learned from many years of careful watch that these two love each other. Funny thing though, every so often my Maiden calls upon me to chop off her beloved’s head. I never succeed. Her Dragon shakes my lass when she asks to visit another dragon. Now the Yellow Dragon calls to her.”   
A Yellow Dragon calls from across the river at the far end of the meadow.

Yellow Dragon: “Come play with me Maiden,”

Paul, the hero, tosses his sword to the ground and speaks again.

Paul: ”All of my Maiden’s life she has only known her Dragon. She is also a curious creature. Now I hear her ask her fire-breathing companion something.”

Sara: “Please dear Dragon let me go across the waters to play with the Yellow Dragon.  I will learn new secrets from him that I will share with you.”

Fearful of losing his Maiden forever, Morgan the Dragon roars.

“No I will never let you go. No I can never let you go!”


Paul addresses the audience

Paul: “And thus the shaking begins.  Fearful my Maiden calls to me.  A million times I have answered her call. Now I fear my sword is no longer sharp. I grow weary through the years. Now my sword feels like a cane.  This time I will approach her not with my sword but with new words.”


Paul, the weary hero now speaks to Sara as is caught in the jaws of Morgan her fiery companion.


Paul: “Maiden I have served you loyally from the moment you were born. Look at me now my lady, my hair has turned white. My sword has dulled into a cane.  I can no longer fight for you. You must talk with your Dragon.  Look Morgan in the eye and tell him how you feel. Also listen to him for his feelings are real.”


From the Dragon’s mouth Sara cries and speaks to her warrior.

Sara: “You leave me now, the Maiden cries. I am not strong enough to face him alone.”  


Paul: “Sara, I will not come to your rescue. You must do something. Go to him with your open heart. Face each other.”  


Morgan has laid Sara on the Earth. My maiden turns to face her Dragon.  

Sara: “Morgan sweet Dragon you scare me. I don’t understand why you shake me so. If I were to play with this Yellow Dragon, I would be gone for the time it takes you to take a deep breathe.  I can’t leave you for long my friend.  You are like air to me.  I don’t think I could live without you.  You are the fire in my heart. Know that I love you.”


Morgan: ”Sara, I can’t bear the thought of you leaving me. I fear that you will die far away. Other dragons will tear you to pieces. If you perish, I shall surely follow.


Sara: “Morgan maybe there is another way. You can come with me. Together, we may play with other dragon and their maidens. Your fiery powers will protect me from the flames of other dragons. And you my Dragon, shall find my words of loving comfort and encouragement bring you love from other maidens. We will take care of each other.”


This gentle woman and fiery beast smile at each other through their tears.


Morgan: “Yes, my Maiden, I will come with you. Take hold of my scaly neck. Together we shall visit the Yellow Dragon and his Maiden.”


She climbs on top of his neck, holds on to his ears and they are off.


The wise hero speaks to the audience.

Paul: “I sigh with some relief and some sadness. I the old warrior  must begin to look for a place to rest. Only a moment goes by when I hear a familiar sound that sends a chill through my bones. I turn. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Dragon had returned. My enemy comes close to me.  I draw my sword out of fearful habit. To my surprise, he seems to smile.”

Morgan reassures his old enemy.
Morgan The Dragon: “We have not forgotten you. Come rest on me.”


Paul: “I look to my Sara, who still rests by his ear. She says it is true. Please rest dear friend.  I also climb aboard the scaly back, finding a bed in the fur of the Dragon I close my eyes for the first time and rest.”


Exits Sara and Paul as they find comfort on the back of Morgan their fiery friend.




This story reflects a conscious choice I made to change the way I relate to intimate others. I chose to stop fighting love and let it in to my life. If I remember to speak my truth as The Maiden did, I do not dissolve. I am also able to rest in the arms of love.  Life can be more of a tango than a cat fight. Yes.


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