A Bit of Under the Quilt

Prelude to Hello

Elizabeth wanted to run, hide and get lost in something familiar. The forest was someplace Liz could breathe. This brown haired and green eyed beauty took off sprinting for a mile into the deep leafy familiar forest. She felt the crunch of leaves under foot. Puddles of sweat gushed down her forehead by the time she reached the white birch tree and started to climb. Lizzie decided she wasn’t going to come down until her parents changed their minds about moving away. It was forced re-transplantation with her parents back to Boulder, Colorado, a place she was yanked from at five years old and had almost forgotten. South Cove, Michigan was more delicious.

She new she wasn’t acting like a sixteen year old she could hear her father saying in her own head but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to leave her home and her best friend Eddie. They were becoming more than friends.

On the old birch, a tree she and Eddie climbed a thousand times, she found a sturdy branch she could plant herself and not be seen. Lizzie crouched up in the tree for two hours crying and wishing she didn’t have to move.

The sun was setting, Lizzie felt the air getting colder and she wrapped herself in a brown wool sweater. It was Eddie’s sweater and it smelled of him, musky and slightly of cookie dough.


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