Coffee Shop Girl


Photo by Eve Brownstone

I learned a good lesson today when my ego got bruised. This morning, I was at my usual Wednesday morning coffee clutch with fellow artists. I asked a friend and artist which I respect, “ How can I put my pictures of sunrises more out there in the world?” Her reply, “You are at the level of coffee shop pictures.” My ego felt bruised. I wish she said something that inspired me or motivated me. I felt cut down. Later she explained herself with an apology, adding,  I like your photos. She said, “You just need to take your photos up a notch”. I wish she had said that from the get go. I thanked her for her feedback. However I wanted to get the hell out of the coffee shop. I think she thought she was being helpful. If I detach myself from my ego, her comment was helpful. She wanted my photos to stand out to find my niche. My art is not me! My photos may be displayed in a coffee shop but I am more than that. This was good lesson to relearn. Thanks.


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