Going With The Flow


Yesterday was a day to learn a big lesson.  I learned to go with the flow. Things happen. Challenging things happened yesterday. I had two networking events in the morning. My first meeting was with a kind lawyer and the other was with a new group of dynamic professional women. The first coffee with my lawyer friend went well. We exchanged stories and some laughs. The next meeting started out well. Over all it was great to meet these ladies. We all did our one minute infomercials and had a lovely salad. The problem came when I came back from the bathroom and then got up ready to leave. I hadn’t pulled my skirt all the way down in the back. One of the kind women pulled my skirt down for me trying to be subtle about it. I thanked her and felt cheeks turn red. Thank goodness we were all women.

13718757_10153784710212023_1762076981768621290_nThen I went out to the street with one of the women who really turned out to be a guardian angel. We were on our way to an art show downtown…crossing the street and I tripped over a pothole.  I caught myself from falling but broke my sandal. I couldn’t continue walking for much longer in the sandal and my toes were hurting from the fall. This new friend who I met at the women’s group kept the cars away from me while I was in the street and stayed with me while I looked for shoes. Thank you Karen.

Luckily, this new friend and I found a store that had shoes near by. It was a pricey department store, but I found a pair of shoes I could afford. Thank you Shoe Goddess.

Back on track to the art show at the John Hancock building, I got n email on my phone about some miscommunication… a typo on a flyer. It happens I thought to myself. I didn’t let it get to me. I realized none of the challenges that day got to me. Oh, by the way the art show wasn’t open that day.

I think I was grateful for not being hurt, having a new friend and a new pair of dress shoes. I was and am proud of myself for not letting the bumps in the road literally get to me.  This is a good lesson to learn about going with the flow as I celebrate my birthday week.


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