Humans Are Complicated


Humans are complicated.
I am a good person but I am no angel.
If I like you I will call you a “Bastard”.
Or better yet” Mother Fucker”.
It’s all in the tone and context.
Cussing at you means I feel safe with you. I might be pissed off in the moment.
Isn’t it better to be called a Fucker than it is to have me quietly seething passive- aggressively at you all day under clinched teeth? I cuss and then let it go. If you call me a “Fucker” back it might make us both laugh.
If you ask me how I am doing after you fuck with me and I say “I am fine.” , you are in fucking trouble.
There is something so freeing about saying you Mother Fucking Cock Sucker .
I encourage my clients to cuss in session and in life. Many of my clients are very nice people and don’t give themselves permission to tell someone to fuck off. I encourage it.
As an Expressive Therapist, I know cussing reduces: stress, depression, anxiety, helps with sleep and reduces the risk of illness.
As a human-being it feels very loving. Give it a try….

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