There are no words…

13680500_10153782405837023_307864238114141922_nThere are no words… for some things like birth and death.

A new baby is a time for jubilation and celebration. A new beginning.

Death is also a new beginning.  Letting go of the earth to travel as fast as you want.

Mom you can travel to Paris at a blink of an eye.

I feel shaken and mixed feelings inside.  Sadness, joy and anger dwell in my heart. Sadness is there for missing the day to day with my mom, joy is there for knowing she is free of ALS and anger at the stupid disease for taking her away from us to soon.

There is a longing in me to understand my mother’s life and death. I feel what I write doesn’t do the experience of being with her at the end justice. I know I was there to let her go and on the other side another loved one received her with open arms. I’d like  to think her Grandmother Annabelle was there to show my mom the way.

Mom had a good life and a good death. She was an active participant in both. I am glad I could be there for her.
I guess  more  words will come when they are ready….


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