Water Fall

The whisper of your voice soaks me like rain
Covers me like honey
Enfolds me like a warm blanket.

I hear you in the wind and I am drenched in wonder
Filled with peace
Wanting the fire sky in my eyes
As I sit near you on the rocks smiling
You are naked in the waves smiling back at me.

“The water is warm dive in”, you say
I dip my toes and you splash me with your goodness
I dive in and you catch me around my waist and hold me to your chest
I feel safe. I feel wet. I feel free.

Your laughter bathes me in sunlight
Under the waterfall we are dancing
We are making up songs to the sound of our own heart beats
I am splashing you and you are dunking me under the roaring water
I hold your body for comfort, for peace, for joy, for love.

I surrender to the water fall I feel inside…I am falling ….safely…


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