Dancing Queen


From the Tap Dance Gym Show….  “Fire Boom Boom Boom.” I learned I had some moves.

I knew all the words and dances to Grease, the Original. My twin and baby-sister and I would act Grease out everyday..seemed like anyway for weeks..month…not years…ok maybe years….Grease and Saturday Night Fever…..Travalta…what a hottie.



I so wanted to be seen. I wanted to be seen for myself not just as one of the twins.

I wanted people to like me. Performing was my way of getting attention.

Chicago Children’s Choir, gymnastics, summer stock theater, At ten I remember asking everyone at the JCC summer camp “Are you coming to my play.” People had to say yes… some did and some didn’t I took it personally when another ten year old had no interest in Shakespeare.


Funny thing though before I would perform I felt petrified.

Throwing up before a concert— it was at Ravina with the Joffery Ballet. Come on people…

I performed and years later, the Artistic  Director of The Joffery Ballet remembered me because I was the kid who threw up.

Mom was there.

Mom was there for my gymnastics meets. Mom was there when I was so nervous before competing and afterwards  needing to take a day off of school to recover.

I was a brave girl..but also I got scared…..

Still scared of the dark….of riding a bike… falling in love…yes really…

But I did things not everyone could do….performing for five hundred set of twins at the Twin Day Festival and spoke in front of millions as a Twin expert. Chaired MidSomerfest and was President of a nonprofit arts board

I have had a life…my own way…

Maybe I am still figuring out the real me….

I seem to base my sense of self on other peoples’ perceptions of me.

Its not really working for me anymore…..










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