Shut Up and Go to Your Room

“Shut up and go to your room!!”, mom would say frequently. I would go to my room and slam the door. I got really good at that.

I was a fearless girl until the age of seven..who liked to say stuff ..speak up..make up songs….I learned how to flip then…how to be silly tag and red light green light with Connie, Karen, Laura, Stacey and Kanita…..I was a happy little one…

1394381_10151879630112023_370850038_nAt the age of father started pulling away and my mother pushed me twin was her favorite then our little baby sister….

I remember trying to learn to ride a bike.. dad would yell at me when I would fall off and cry. Today,I break out in sweats when I get on a bike….I am getting there…I know when I do stay on and ride a bike..I will grow up a little more..let go of the yelling and shame….My parents did the best they wasn’t fucking
good enough..I felt squashed and scared… What about that brave little girl that just wanted love…..and to be heard..seen…..



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