A Special Drink


Ginger, garlic, lemon, honey, apple cider vinegar, boiling water…this is my fourth cup…I am cleansing something….I do feel stuff …crap moving through me..

I wish I could write for hours..and move stuff through me that way…I am here I can write..I am writing..who said you couldn’t write for hours because by golly you are writing and you could write for hours and move more emotional stuff the …out of you.

I like what you have to say Eve. You are writing look at your go..it doesn’t matter if it isn’t pretty beautiful or full of crap it is your voice..what you have to say..I want to know what you have to say..I have alot to say…

Like what?

Like there is nothing really wrong with me..I am a complicated human being..with good and bad and ugly…

I have spent alot of my life..listening to other people tell who they think I am… Honestly people you don’t really know who I am….

I have felt sometimes I live a double life…during the day..Angel and at night Devil…

I think I am a normal human being that likes to role-play…a little kink

I know in a former Life I was much more hard core..now I wouldn’t mind a firm slap on the butt…nothing extreme..just  a firm hand followed by a massage…

What are you talking about. I am talking  about what I like sometimes…you you like things..u like sex..yes..I do I am alive.

Yes indeed you are alive..I am glad you are alive and you can try again to find out what feels good to you. You can ask for what you think you would like..use your words.

No acting out for you my dear…gentle….tender with yourself….




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