Lighten Up

13680500_10153782405837023_307864238114141922_nLighten Up – Poem by david lessard

I went to my Guru and asked
What’s the secret of life?
He said ‘No marriage vows
my friend, do not take a wife.’

But I’m so alone, I said,
No one to share my cup;
He laughed aloud and said,
‘For Christ’s sake…lighten up.’

Life’s too short to be miserable,
Love all you know and some;
Take them all underneath your wing,
Drink with them, a bottle of rum.

There’s good times and there’s bad,
Which do you want to choose?
Running in the halls of heaven,
Or a constant string of blues?

You have the choice my friend,
It’s really up to you…
Nobody need tell you,
exactly what to do.

Lighten up, he told me,
Laugh and love and smile;
The sorrow’s always in you,
Don’t make your life a trial.

So, I’ve decided to lighten up,
To become a cheerful, funny bloke;
To smile at life’s sweet bitterness,
With laughter, with joy and a joke.


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