My Sea Legs


Moments. I smell the water … air….the waves soothe me like a deep knowing…Feel rooted on the horizon. Longing to tears and to laughter….

Looking out feels like looking in. Coming home. Mermaid..Selkie.. …. me.

The legend says that if a man wants a Seilkie for his bride he must bury her Seal skin.The Seilkie is filled with such longing. I feel this longing . it can bring me to the edge of our inland sea……If you know where my  Seal skin is buried dig it up and lay it by my feet. My heart will warm to you. I may marry you out of choice not because I am compelled ❤

The Seal People – Selkies

Peppered throughout Irish, Scottish, Icelandic, and Scandinavian mythology and folklore are stories about seal people, also called selkies, silkies, selchies, or roane.

Seal people are said to be cursed with a constant longing for what they do not have: when they are swimming in the water as seals, they yearn to be on land, and when they walk on two legs as a human, they long to be in the sea. They can transform from one creature to another by shedding their sealskin, and alternatively, putting it on again.



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