This morning sleeping in and getting up with a smile on my face. I was surprised. Yom Kippur is usually a reflective sometimes sad time for me. But something shifted in me over time. Even if this feeling  is just for today, I want to mark…honor this feeling I have. Happiness.

It stems from a dream I had early this morning. This young woman girl that I was at 21…was smiling in this dream.  She had been through so much before this picture was taken. She had survived a year in Israel and rape. In my dream she was sitting with friends laughing and smiling. She looked at me and smiled.  Even all she had been though I could feel the Love and Joy in her eyes.. I felt that Love from her and knew she was letting me know that she was ok..more than ok and that I was more than ok ..I could laugh and feel happy too.

Thank you my dear girl at 21. Thank you for the gift of you and reminding me who I really am. ❤


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