Trying to find words today to tell you about Andy.   Andy was my dearest friend. I loved Andy for ten years of my life. He would give anyone he loved the shirt off his back. He had enough room in his heart for the whole neighborhood of Rogers Park

Happened to meet Andy on Lunt Ave  and Sheridan Rd.the Fall of 2007. He was working on Annie the Dragon on the side walk outside of Ennui..  I knew I was curious about him and conversation was easy. We spoke a similar language made  of: creativity, community, compassion and Love.

Andy taught me about unconditional love. It wasn’t always easy getting close to him. He would push people away when he needed them the most. He wanted to appear strong. He could lift lumber, but he wasn’t always strong and stumbled.  He battled his own demons of self-doubt, anxiety,and depression and (PTSD) He sought out comfort in community.  Andy was happiest  when he was juggling ten projects and ten artist friends up on forty foot scaffold.

One of the best experiences of my life was holding Andy’s hand.  Walking down the street or watching Gladiator. We still held hands after his stroke.

Snow was another  thing Andy and I loved together. Andy in his furry floppy hat and me attempting to put snow down his back always ended in laughter. I remember the snow storms we got lost in together…at Marshal Field’s. In February 6 years ago, Andy cooked for me for four days after my mom passed. God I loved his chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. He showed up for me when I needed him the most.

Having adventures together was something I will always remember. 2008 January 1, The Lake and the ice shelf and me and him in that freezing water.

Traveling to Michigan and the Indiana Dunes. I remember falling asleep on sand and tall grass. Next  to Andy, I felt protected and peaceful.

He took me to Tinley Park to a favorite bar for Long Island Ice Teas and a walk down memory lane.  There were also  Karaoke nights at The Glenwood and Oasis.

Then there was art and Gallery B1e.  Andy made a point to include me in some creative projects. I got  to paint live at the Glenwood Ave Arts Fest and Milwaukee Arts Fest and the Artists of the Wall Festival. My video work was featured at of Aquatropolis at the Shedd Aquarium and Block 37. Andy was a visionary and inspired me to push my comfort zone artistically and emotionally.


This is hard to write..feels like crap….hard to express how I really feel…



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