Feeling cranky on National Cranky Co-Workers Day

14205954_10153887690052023_2535242055393596905_oDon’t feel loving today. Part of loving myself is  allowing my crankiness to be expressed. I am not being mean just not warm sunshine. I feel tired and raw. I don’t have my usual armor and masks in place. I don’t have time to maintain that anymore. I am interested in being real. Sometimes Eve is cranky and not social. I won’t tell you to fuck off. I might if I am pushed and forced to smile and be friendly. You have been warned world.

Let me be. Don’t tell me to get over it. Its going to be ok. I know I am going to be if I am able to be myself…I need to feel and express the crappy..cranky shit inside of me. I don’t mean harm.  Learning to live with my integrity and my Spirit. Living a life of full expression.


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