Precious Girl

531976_10151871690077023_590262247_nWhat do you need precious girl?

Attention lots and lots of it.

Someone’s undivided attention…

My Pappa’s attention.. my Momma’s attention

I am such a good girl…see how good I am trying to be.

Perfect..smiling…so sweet such an angel

Fuck you….more like it.

I want to know the real you.

Not juat your pretty sweet face..but your wild open feisty heart,

I see you.Maybe I don’t want to be seen. You just said you wanted lots of attention.

Maybe I was lying telling you what I thought what you wanted to hear.

Why is that ? Why can’t you be real wirth me?

I am an angry bitchy fat girl who doesn’t know what she wants.

You won’t like her

You wont want to talk with me or touch me if I get to close.

I might even kill with my love.

People die who get to close to me.

Afraid yet?

No…I am not afraid of death or you.

What do you want precious girl?

Not sure what I really want.

Never thought I could get what I wanted I stopped asking ..stopped wondering and wanting…stopped living.

Are you happy now?

That you feel lile you are dead inside? No.

I am happy you are being honest with me for the first time in your life.








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