Day Off


Day off today…Thank ya Betsy. I think that is an expression. Well I am using it.

I am tired…from the holiday and year. Not always peaches and cream being with family. I love them..but oh well. Sometimes I can be hypersensitive when I am with them. I didn’t relax. I own that. Missed Mom alot. She helped make the holidays special. I tried to have some healing talks with my dad. It seemed to backfire. My intention was only loving. Love you Dad.<3

Haven’t had a real break since last January. Working hard. Mostly mental and emotional work but that kind of work can beat you up if you allow it. I am a big fan of lavender mineral baths and sleeping all day..which I pretty much did all yesterday. Could have continued to be under the covers today.

There was alot of loss this year and just letting go of lotssssss. Breathe.

Today is my day off. Rest Eve…..Evela, my dear heart.



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