I Got This!

15781770_10154202563747023_2519045093167849716_nI got this. Thirty  years ago I freaked out about being separated from my twin. She decided to go to a different college in another state. It was rough when I was eighteen. Wasn’t sure if I could make it..literally wasn’t sure if I could survive without her. My twin and I took care of each other growing up..since conception.

After thirty  years it sunk it that I got this…this living on my own…showing up for myself. You have to be tough to live on your own.

We single people are bad asses.

In relationship time and again I have wanted to be taken care of and look to someone else to help me make decisions. Thats what I am used to. But my relationships have led to heartache. I have learned  that I don’t have to keep doing the same thing.

I remember that my name is Eve. My soul and spirit have been here many times before. I like to think I have been around  before the Earth was created. I do know a few things.

I am working, playing and  being in my life one day at a time.


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